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Why Trendy Plastic Surgery Isn’t Always a Good Idea

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Over the years, plastic surgery has seen many trends come and go. In the 1980s, a strong, athletic body shape was idealized, while in the ’90s, everyone wanted a trim waistline and petite frame. Today, the newest trends are a curvy yet athletic body, full lips, and cat-like eyes. Though many seek out procedures to help them feel their best, trends come and go! Here at Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery of Columbus, we strive to help our patients feel beautiful and confident—no matter what trends are popular. Read on to discover how Dr. Houser delivers safe, beautiful, and timeless results.

1. Your results should fit YOU!

Everyone is beautiful, with unique features, bone structure, and aesthetic traits. When you come in for a consultation, we want to help you feel your best and look your best—not look like someone else! Dr. Houser carefully tailors each patients’ procedures to enhance their natural beauty. Trends are fleeting, and we want to make sure that you will love your results for as long as they last.

A good plastic surgeon is not afraid to tell a patient no. Your dream nose may not suit your face or could age poorly. Dr. Houser always considers these factors before creating a plan to enhance your natural beauty.

2. Plastic surgery should prioritize safety

While every surgery carries some risks, working with a board-certified expert sets you up for success. Though patients may love the look of trendy procedures, certain ones like a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) have inherently higher risks during surgery and recovery. Inexperienced doctors only amplify these risks.

Depending on your unique health profile, some procedures are not a good fit from a medical or aesthetic standpoint. For instance, if you are a smoker and do not want to quit, this can negatively impact your healing and recovery. Certain conditions like blood clotting disorders may make nonsurgical procedures a safer option. From an aesthetic perspective, if you plan to have more children but want a mommy makeover, this will affect your results long term. In this case, we would recommend waiting until after you finish having children so you won’t need to correct your results with a second major surgery.

3. Plastic surgeons should focus on excellence over trends

The media can try to sell you on the trendiest procedures, but listen to an expert! Dr. Houser stays up to date with the safest and most effective methods, technologies, and techniques. He is board certified and a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Membership in organizations like these helps him continue to deliver safe, advanced, and beautiful work. If you are considering plastic surgery, always check your surgeon’s background to ensure they are board certified and have a reputation for medical excellence and compassionate care. If you are planning to get a cosmetic treatment like filler, check your injector’s expertise and experience as well.

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