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Fact or Fiction? Plastic Surgery Mythbusting

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October is a spooky month, bringing stories of scary goblins, ghosts, and…plastic surgery? While TV shows and the news media have often focused on the worst cases and overblown results of certain procedures, plastic surgery isn’t scary when it’s performed by a Board Certified plastic surgeon. We’ve busted some myths so you can find out the truth about plastic surgery!

Myth #1: Plastic surgery is obvious.

This misconception simply isn’t true. A qualified plastic surgeon will deliver safe, healthy, aesthetic results—whether you want a subtle or more dramatic change. The myth that plastic surgery is obvious is particularly dated when it comes to breast implants and lifts. Technological innovations have made implants safer, longer lasting, and more natural-looking and feeling than ever before.

Myth #2: Plastic surgery is painful and invasive.

Some procedures, such as breast implants or a facelift, do involve more downtime and recovery than others. However, if you’re looking for subtle results or a less invasive procedure, there are always options available for you. Many cosmetic procedures, like a mini-facelift, offer rejuvenation without long downtime. Plus, some of these procedures are performed under twilight rather than general anesthesia, enabling a shorter and easier recovery. Patients can also combine procedures for more efficient results. By performing multiple procedures at once, patients can save money on fees and only undergo one recovery period.

Myth #3: Botched plastic surgeries are common.

While botched surgeries are often talked about in the media, they are not common and almost always avoidable. Botched surgeries are often the result of choosing an unqualified doctor or not properly following pre- or post-operative instructions. Always choose a surgeon who is Board Certified and highly recommended. A good surgeon will not pressure you into piling on unnecessary procedures or try to get you to pay more than you should. Instead, a qualified plastic surgeon will help you determine what treatments or procedures are best for your health and aesthetics, while helping you set realistic expectations about your cosmetic surgery result.

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