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3 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

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Happy February from Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of Columbus! Valentine’s Day is almost here, and we can’t wait for this love-filled holiday. This season of love is the perfect reminder to set yourself up for lasting self-confidence and treat yourself right.

Take the time to boost your beauty and gift yourself a little self-care and rejuvenation. Read on for our top three tips about how to show yourself some love this season.

  1. Get the romantic look you’re after. Even though your Valentine’s Day date may be virtual or take place at home, you still deserve to shine! For a romantic look, we have two specials this month—14% off luscious lip fillers with Amanda, as well as a prepaid microneedling and Perfect Derma Peel package. With savings like these, you’ll get kissable lips AND glowing skin for a radiant Valentine’s Day look!
  2. Be your own valentine! Who says that you can’t treat yourself to something special on Valentine’s Day? Be your own valentine and buy yourself a gift you’ll love! While you may be a drugstore skincare fan, treating yourself to medical-grade skincare products makes a huge difference in the health and radiance of your skin. We offer a wide range of products from brands you love, like Mizzi™ Cosmetics, skinbetter science®, EltaMD®, and SENTÉ®. Especially now, with mask wearing and mascne (mask acne!), upgrading your skincare routine can make all the difference between loving your skin and feeling self-conscious.
  3. Take the first steps toward a more confident you. This Valentine’s Day is the perfect reminder to love yourself and set yourself up for a more confident future! This season, why not book that cosmetic treatment you’ve been thinking about? It is no secret that you deserve to feel confident! Whether you are ready to get the Mommy Makeover of your dreams or eager to experience feminine rejuvenation (and say goodbye to problems like urinary incontinence and painful intercourse!), take a step toward your best future.

This season of love, practice loving yourself and treating yourself right! If you have any questions about the information covered here or if you are ready to come in for an appointment, give our team a call today at 614-890-5565. From all of us here at Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of Columbus, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

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