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3 Reasons to Invest in Your Confidence

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April is here—a beautiful season of rejuvenation and refreshment! Now more than ever, boosting your confidence is an excellent choice with many benefits. Read on for our top three reasons why you should treat yourself to confidence at our practice!

1. When you boost your beauty, you may also improve your health.

While beauty and physical health may seem unrelated, they are often interconnected. Though you might initially consider a treatment for its cosmetic purpose, it could also have physical health benefits. Take skincare, for instance. While medical-grade SPF products, like EltaMD, fight against premature signs of aging. They also protect against skin cancer. Likewise, free-radical fighting antioxidant products and healthy skincare habits not only improve your overall health but can also ensure a gorgeous glow. 

When it comes to plastic surgery, many treatments also have clear health benefits. These include getting an improved field of vision after a blepharoplasty, repairing diastasis recti with a Mommy Makeover, and even lowering your chance of developing breast cancer with a breast reduction.

2. Investing in confidence has long-lasting rewards.

Whether you’re choosing injectables or a surgical procedure, investing in yourself now can have a long-lasting impact. In some cases, cosmetic treatments and surgeries have a preventative effect, further setting yourself up for confidence in the future. For instance, using neurotoxins, like BOTOX® and Newtox, can prevent the formation of static wrinkles—a clear sign of aging—while also treating dynamic wrinkles. And, for those with signs of hair loss, a meeting with Dr. Houser to discuss potential medications, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, or a robotic transplant can help preserve your hair, regrow areas of sparseness or thinning, and prevent some future hair loss from occurring.

3. Choosing confidence can transform your life.

Each year, the number of cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery procedures continues to rise. In fact, more than 18.1 million surgeries and minimally invasive procedures were performed in 2019 alone according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons. With beautiful results, innovative technologies, and safe, comfortable process, it’s no surprise so many people are choosing to invest in themselves.

Whether you are considering a treatment for health, cosmetic, or preventative reasons, you deserve to look and feel your best this spring. If you are ready to book your appointment or if you have any questions, give us a call at 614-890-5565. We hope you all are having a happy, healthy spring season!

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