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“I had the perma-lip implant procedure on July 30th. I just wanted to write to you to share my experience with Dr. Houser. Let’s start with my consultation. Dr. Houser went through all options as well and described outcome, cost, and long-term effects. Once we discovered that I wanted a permanent solution, he showed me implants, showed me his book of business with before and after pictures, as well as introducing me to a colleague that had the procedure done.

Dr. Houser is not your typical plastic surgeon. He never tried to sell me additional procedures. In fact, I left his office feeling good about my self! Now the procedure… I had it done in office while awake. Dr. Houser and his assistant were amazing! They made me feel comfortable and I even laughed during the procedure. I have only good things to say about my overall experience. In the future “after children” I will only work with Dr. Houser! Thank you Dr. Houser and team for a wonderful experience.

P.S. I love my permanent lip. I’ve always smiled with a fake smile so that my top lip wouldn’t completely disappear. I now smile full teeth everyday and I feel pretty. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


“Dr. Robert Houser and his team are by far the optimum choice in cosmetic surgery. He cares about each of his patients and gives them the time and attention he knows they deserve. With his experience, he always knows what options are best for your requests and what is best for your body and your lifestyle. He, along with his staff, shows compassion from the beginning and beyond the end of your procedure. He helps you see the overall picture and what is the healthiest option for short term and long term results. Anyone who has a procedure performed by Dr. Houser is in the best care and will be happy with their results. Each member of his staff treats you with exceeding kindness and care. I moved over 450 miles away and still chose to come back to Ohio to have Dr. Houser perform my procedure.”

B.M., Plastic Surgery Patient

“I recently had a breast reduction performed by Dr. Houser. I just want to say how impressed I am with his professionalism and his bedside manner. He takes away your fears and replaces them with confidence in knowing that you are in good hands. The staff is so friendly and they are there no matter when or what time you need them. I thank him and each of the members of the staff from the bottom of my heart, and wish them continued and life-long success, just as I will now face moving forward from my surgery.”


“To Dr. Houser:

I am writing this letter to highly recommend you and your entire staff of medical and administrative professionals to anyone seeking a plastic or cosmetic surgeon. I cannot speak highly enough of the first class operation you have. You are an excellent surgeon and your staff is exceptionally friendly, supportive and genuine. I felt like family after my second visit.

To Potential Patients of Dr. Houser:

Selecting a surgeon for plastic or cosmetic surgery is a very important task. Dr. Houser performed an abdominoplasty for me in August and I have been very pleased with the quality of his work and the care provided by his staff.

To anyone looking to find a great plastic surgeon and an outstanding medical and administrative support staff in a single practice – I recommend Dr. Houser.”

W.S., Westerville, Ohio

“Dr. Houser performed my rhinoplasty and septoplasty. I wanted a very specific and minor change to the appearance of my nose and I needed septoplasty for breathing problems. Dr. Houser did exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend him for these procedures or any procedure.”

Richard, Columbus Ohio

“I met Dr. Houser and his team from a referral from my ObGyn, whom happened to be his wonderful sister. In 2003, I had lipo on my saddlebags, 2004 I had a breast augmentation that turned out perfectly with only a few days of recovery. And in 2012 a mini-tummy tuck after having a c-section 4 years ago. I have referred friends to him as well and everyone LOVES Dr. Houser and his professional staff! They are wonderful people, they make you feel safe before surgery and recovery, and Dr. Houser has an amazing eye for detail- his work is wonderful, not to mention he is very friendly and takes his time to listen to your needs! I’d recommend them to anyone for any procedure!”


“My breasts sagged after having two kids and I always felt like I had to wear a heavy-duty push-up bras in order to have the lift/shape that I wanted. I also had a difficult time finding bathing suits that provided the support that I needed. I went to Dr. Houser for a breast lift and I couldn’t be happier. My breasts now have a much better shape and they are back up where they should be! No more industrial bras or bathing suits for me. I feel like Dr. Houser took my breasts back 20 years!”

age 41 Dublin, Ohio

“I am a very private person and I was comforted to learn that Dr. Houser never posts before and after photos of his patients on the internet. I readily consented to have Dr. Houser use my photos to show to patients in the security of his office, but I would have felt very uneasy having such personal photos on the internet. In addition, I am extremely pleased with the results of my surgery.”

Breast Augmentation Patient - Columbus, Ohio

“I went to Dr. Houser for VASER liposuction. I am extremely pleased with my results. I was also surprised at the minimal amount of swelling/bruising and how quick and easy the recovery was. I would definitely recommend Dr. Houser to my friends.”

E.H. - Westerville, Ohio

“I have always had a double chin, even when I’m at my ideal weight. I recently went to Dr. Houser for liposuction on my chin and neck. The results were better than I ever could have expected; no more double chin, nice smooth jaw line. My daughter’s teacher told me that I look ten years younger!”

S.K. Columbus, Ohio

“Words can’t describe how wonderful I feel about the results of my breast augmentation surgery! Dr. Houser really took the time to listen to me from my first consultation through my post-surgery follow up appointment. I would recommend Dr. Houser for everything from Botox to a tummy tuck.”

C.M. New Albany, Ohio

“I am a patient of Doctor Houser’s. In the winter of 2006 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was fortunate to be sent to him as I needed an immediate mastectomy of the left breast. He took the time to talk to me and listened to what I had to say. We came to an agreement and I elected to have a double mastectomy. This also was a blessing as they found pre-cancerous cells in the right breast. Dr. Houser and his staff were wonderful and got me through this rough time of my life. I would recommend Dr. Houser to anyone who wants a kind and professional doctor who they can trust to be there for them and guide them through any situation. He also has a great sense of humor which I needed as that is how I chose to get thru “my journey”.

E.B. Ohio

“Dr. Houser really understood the look I was trying to achieve when I had my breast augmentation. I wanted the natural look, like had never nursed a baby. Thanks to him, you would never know I nursed four!”

S.B. New Albany, Ohio

“At 34 years old, I wanted to undo the wear and tear of having four children. Dr. Houser made that happen.”

Surgery Patient, Ohio

“I met Dr. Houser AFTER another plastic surgeon operated on me and I was going in and out of the hospital with untreatable infections. My health insurance told me during my final emergency to go to a different hospital. I did and ironically Dr. Houser was, well, in the house at the time. He took care of me with much more compassion than the first surgeon did and returned me to health. I plan on having more procedures done in the future and would not consider going anywhere else to have them done. What’s more, I have referred friends to Dr. Houser, all with excellent results. If you’re still not sure about selecting a surgeon, ask a nurse. I learned that much while in the hospital, they know which surgeons have the least amount of complications and I can tell you that Dr. Houser is on the AA+ list. My prior surgeon? Not so much.”

N.C. Blacklick, Ohio
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