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Know Your Skin Care!

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How much do you know about skin care? Find out with this informational quiz on skin care!

1. True or false: Your skin begins to age when you reach your 30s.

False. Your skin begins to age in your 20s. Around the age of 25, your collagen levels start to decrease. This means that the skin will slowly start to develop lines and wrinkles. To minimize the onset of rapid aging, make sure to wear sunscreen, take your makeup off before sleeping, and keep your skin hydrated.

Consider injectables, like filler or BOTOX®, chemical peels, or surgical options, like facelifts, for already existing lines and wrinkles. Our experts will help you find a beautiful, natural-looking solution tailored to your aesthetic needs.

2. True or false: Dry skin can cause more than just cosmetic issues.

True. Not only does dry skin cause uneven texture and interfere with smooth makeup application, but it also can lead to infections. The skin is one of your body’s first layers of defense. When this layer is compromised due to cracked or chapped skin, the body can be more susceptible to infection. During the harsh weather of these winter months, the skin can be extra dry. Be sure to moisturize morning and night—your skin will thank you!

3. True or false: Your skin entirely renews itself once a year through shedding and regeneration.

False. The skin renews itself once every 28 days! The outer layer of skin, called the epidermis, contains dead skin cells. This layer is fully turned over every month as new skin cells form and dead skin cells are shed. The skin sure is productive! To help your skin stay bright and fresh, exfoliate regularly and choose nourishing skincare products to maintain a healthy glow.

4. True or false: Sunscreen is only necessary on sunny days.

False. Wearing sunscreen every day is the BEST way to protect your skin. Even on cold, cloudy days when there is no sun in sight, harmful UV rays still reach your skin. Unprotected, this constant exposure can lead to rapid signs of aging and even skin cancer. Always apply SPF every morning as the last step in your routine.

Though you can’t press the undo button on a nasty sunburn, you can reduce its impact on your appearance! If you have suffered sun damage, consider treatments like Portrait Plasma. This plasma energy technology treats sun-damaged skin, improves fine lines and wrinkles, removes precancerous lesions, and boosts skin tone and texture.

5. True or false: You should use moisturizer even if you have oily skin.

True. Hydration is very important! In addition to staying hydrated with plenty of water, you should use moisturizer no matter what type of skin you have. This may seem antithetical for those with extra oily skin, but when you wash your face, your skin is stripped of moisture. If not replenished with a moisturizer, your skin may overcompensate, producing even oiler skin. Pick a moisturizer that is right for your skin tone, but make sure to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Now you know! Skin care can be complicated, and it varies depending on your skin type. With customized support at our office, your skincare regimen will have you glowing and healthier than ever! To complement your skincare journey, our experts can help reduce signs of aging and skin damage—from a healing Portrait Plasma treatment to refreshing injectable work. If you have any questions or are ready to book an appointment, call our Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery of Columbus team at 614-890-5565.

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