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Fighting the Signs of Aging During Healthy Aging Month

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Aging is a natural part of life. However, there are plenty of steps that you can take to prevent the signs of aging from showing up prematurely! With proper skincare and treatments, such as BOTOX® or filler, evidence of wrinkles can be delayed or made less obvious. Read on for important information about how you can look as youthful as ever this Healthy Aging Month and beyond. Plus, find out how you could save 10% on your beauty needs this month!

What causes skin to appear older?

Wrinkles, lines, and loss of volume can all make you look older. When it comes to wrinkles, there are two kinds that you may notice as you age. Dynamic wrinkles appear when you are moving your face and expressing emotions (joy, sadness, surprise, etc.). Once the emotion disappears and your face becomes neutral, the wrinkles disappear as well. Static wrinkles, on the other hand, remain on the face even when it is relaxed. These kinds of wrinkles tend to become more noticeable with age. 

While skin naturally loses elasticity (collagen) and fat (volume) over time, lifestyle factors such as smoking and overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light increase the probability of wrinkles developing earlier. Keeping your skin clean, healthy, and protected is essential. Washing your face twice a day with a gentle, professional-quality cleanser keeps your pores clean and your skin youthful—removing toxins, dirt, makeup, and pollutants that can damage the skin. 

The foods you eat can also contribute to how your skin ages. Antioxidants (either eaten or in skincare products) can protect against free-radicals, which are harmful, unstable particles that damage skin. In addition, foods like avocados, packed with vitamins E and C, as well as tomatoes, full of carotenoids, may protect your skin from some sun damage, leading to fewer wrinkles. Living healthily and establishing a quality skincare routine with our medical aesthetician, Rani, will provide the UV protection, free radical protection, and nourishment that your skin needs.

Treatments for youthful skin

In the office, we also offer a range of injectables that target your signs of aging and deliver youthful results. BOTOX® and Jeuveau® (Newtox) are both neuromodulators that work by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. Once injected, the muscle can no longer tighten. This makes a visible difference for dynamic wrinkles in the short term, and in the long term reduces your chance of developing static wrinkles.

For those with lines and volume loss, our dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid or fat transfers may be a better solution. These injectables restore volume to the face, smooth out wrinkles and lines, and provide a fuller, more youthful appearance.

While we will all develop wrinkles at some point, the steps outlined above can help you age gracefully (and beautifully) this Healthy Aging Month and beyond!

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