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Plasma Skin Regeneration

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You may want to improve the tone of your skin and reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles. Or maybe you want to reduce acne scarring, or generally tighten the skin for a more youthful appearance. You may be a great candidate for an advanced treatment offered by Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery of Columbus called Portrait Plasma™ —a skin regeneration technique unlike any other treatment available today.

Portrait Plasma is not a laser, radio frequency, or light-based treatment. It is a completely new plasma energy technology that works both on and below the surface of the skin to modify the skin’s architecture to generate new collagen. It’s effective in reducing fine lines and deep wrinkles, treating sun-damaged skin, improving tone and texture, reducing acne scars, and tightening skin. It can even remove precancerous lesions. The treatment uses a low-risk profile in which your own skin acts as a natural biological dressing during the healing process. No other procedure treats more conditions at the same time.

During the short, in-office procedure, the unique action of Portrait Plasma transfers plasma energy to the treated area without direct contact to the skin. This technique preserves the skin’s outer layers which act as a protective dressing until new skin regenerates. An entire face can be treated in as little as 20 minutes, and downtime is one week. And clinical studies show that the improvements you see following your treatment will become even more dramatic over time.

“Even deep wrinkles responded to a single pass… and skin texture is improved by more than 50%… The degree of collagen remodeling is striking.”

It may sound like something out of science fiction—and it truly is, but it’s very safe. Portrait Plasma works by delivering millisecond pulses of nitrogen-based plasma to the skin’s surface. Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless gaseous element that is part of all living tissues and makes up 80% of the atmosphere. When introduced to ultra-high frequency energy, the nitrogen is converted into a highly energized state, or plasma. Using a novel hand piece, the plasma transfers its energy onto the skin without any direct contact, causing a very controlled heating of tissue and a unique thermal profile with no charring. Unlike other skin-rejuvenation treatments, Portrait Plasma leaves the skin surface intact. It stimulates the body to regenerate the damaged structural elements of the skin in a way that other technologies and treatments cannot. Clinical studies show continuing improvement a year later—a unique and significant advantage that distinguishes Portrait Plasma from all other skin treatments.

Good candidates for Portrait Plasma are people wanting to reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles, tighten skin, improve overall tone and texture, reduce acne scarring, or people seeking to remove pre-cancerous lesions. To find out if Portrait Plasma is right for you, call Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft at Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of Columbus to schedule a consultation.

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