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For most women, pregnancy, labor, delivery and/or breastfeeding brings a whole set of physical reminders that children have been born. If you’re one of those women, and you’d prefer the only physical reminder to be the children themselves, then you might benefit from a set of procedures most commonly referred to as the “mommy makeover.” One of the most popular requests at Columbus Cosmetic, the mommy makeover usually includes a combination of three types of procedures: breast work, tummy work, and liposuction.

Abdominal Work (Abdominoplasty)

Often after pregnancy, a woman’s abdominal muscles become separated, a condition called rectus diastasis. This can lead to a loss of strength and support as well as excess tissue in the area (a.k.a “muffin top”). Through an incision in the lower bikini line from hip to hip, a full tummy tuck sutures the muscles together again and removes the useless post-pregnancy skin and tissue. The belly button is also repositioned back to a normal location. Women pursuing the mommy makeover can choose between a full tuck or a mini tuck. The mini tuck removes less tissue and does not reconnect the abdominal muscles, but does reduce some of the recovery time. Abdominal work may also include procedures to remove stretch marks and other scarring related to pregnancy and delivery. For the best results, women are encouraged to obtain abdominal work only once they’ve reached a non-fluctuating weight.

Breast Work

Post-pregnancy, some women find their breasts are completely unrecognizable. Among many other unexpected outcomes, breasts can appear deflated and areolas can change shape. Through a combination of procedures, Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft can craft the shape, symmetry, size and overall appearance of the breasts into what a woman finds most comfortable for her body and most appealing to her eyes.

Hips, Waist and Thigh Work

Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft will never provide more surgeries in one appointment than can be safely managed, but liposuction is often a reasonable addition to the Mommy Makeover package. Many moms report it’s not only their toddlers that can be stubborn—the excess fat on their hips, waist, and thighs can be resistant, too. Sometimes, no matter how dedicated a woman may be to exercise and healthy eating, these areas remain unmanageably loose or large compared to the rest of her body. Liposuction may be the perfect way to restore trouble areas back to their pre-pregnancy state, or even better!

For women who want to make the most out of their time and money and who are really ready for a complete rejuvenation, the Mommy Makeover can truly be a life-changing option. If you’re done breastfeeding and done birthing children, we highly recommend the procedure. You save money by combining surgery fees, save time by reducing the overall recovery commitment, and in 4-6 weeks, you’ve regained your body, confidence and all the energy you need to keep being your best self as a parent, partner, and woman!

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