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Masks Off, Rejuvenation On!

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As the weather heats up and mask requirements begin to cool down, we’re thrilled to see our clients return to the summer activities they love best. But going out without a mask for the first time in over a year can feel intimidating—especially as your face sees the sun again. Here at Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery of Columbus, we want to help you feel your best about areas we’ve all been covering up! 

Address sagging in the jowls and neck with a facelift!

When you take off your mask, do you see signs of aging, like sagging or wrinkles? We offer a rhytidectomy (facelift), which uses individually customized incisions around the sideburn area, in front of the ear, and behind the ear/hairline. With this procedure, we can have you feeling more confident and youthful than ever before as your face returns to the spotlight. Looking for a more minor improvement? Our mini facelift is a perfect option for those who are interested in rejuvenation—with a milder, shorter recovery.

Let your lips shine with a lip augmentation!

After hiding your lips away for so long under a mask, achieve your dream shape and size with lip work. Whether we use soft tissue fillers, augmentation with your own tissue, or the PermaLip™ implant by SurgiSil™, we want to help you love your lips. We offer both permanent and nonpermanent augmentation options to make your dream lips a reality. If a permanent lip augmentation isn’t for you, check out these summer injectables specials!

Through the end of August, when you purchase 20 units of Newtox, you will get a FREE lip flip procedure ($80 value)! Or get $50 off each Revanesse® Versa™ and Revanesse® Lips™ syringe. Revanesse® Lips™ is a new injectable with effective, long-lasting results that we know you’ll love.

Improve confidence in your nose with a rhinoplasty!

Interested in improving the aesthetics or function of your nose? Through either an open or closed procedure, Dr. Houser—with his years of experience—can help improve multiple areas of your nose based on your unique needs, goals, and anatomy. Whether it’s breathability, shape, or size that you’re seeking to alter, say hello to confidence as we say goodbye to masks!

Book your appointment today

Get the most out of this summer by feeling your best as masks go away and smiles come back! Book your appointment today and get ready to love your mask-free look. If you have any questions or are ready to schedule a consultation, call our Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery of Columbus team at 614-890-5565.

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