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Know the Numbers! How Long Plastic Surgery Lasts

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If you’re considering boosting your confidence this spring, know your numbers! When choosing plastic surgery, you should be aware of the ins and outs of your treatment. One thing to consider about any procedure is its longevity. Read on to learn more!

How long four common procedures typically last

Because patients, their skin, and their bodies continue to age after surgery, the effects of any procedure will change over time. Individual variables like age and lifestyle habits (smoking, sun damage, etc.) will also impact the longevity of any results.

While these are general estimates, every patient and procedure are unique! Results will vary from patient to patient, depending on a multitude of variables. At your consultation, Dr. Houser will provide more detailed information personalized to your unique situation. If you’ve recently undergone a procedure, don’t forget to follow Dr. Houser’s instructions and do your part to make the results last! If you’re ready to book your appointment, call our team at 614-890-5565 today.

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