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Filters Are No Substitute for Real Results

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Feeling confident in your body can be difficult—especially in the summer. For many people, it’s uncomfortable revealing more skin to stay cool in the heat. Plus, with vacations and pool parties come influencers posting their bikini-ready bodies that they claim are from diet and exercise. You might not know that these seemingly “perfect” bodies don’t necessarily reflect reality.

Influencers use various techniques to present idealized versions of their bodies, including camera angles, sucking in their stomachs, flexing, and, of course, filters. As AR technology and filters become more and more realistic, it can be difficult to distinguish real life from digital touch-ups. Often, these filters provide temporary confidence boosts that fade as soon as you turn off your phone. Here are some things to know in this age of filters and AR.

Social media warps our perception of reality

The pandemic indirectly had a huge impact on self-confidence. Part of that came from the increased use of social media to stay connected with friends and family. Filters are everywhere, from apps like Snapchat and TikTok to Instagram. Over 200 million people use filters on Snapchat alone every day! Filters also pop up in more unexpected places, like online shopping retailers. Many companies offer customers the option to virtually try on items, using AR filters to do so, many of which alter the user’s body or face.

The rampant use of filters and camera angles can cause anxiety and body dysmorphia. They may also lead to unhealthy or unsafe habits, such as eating disorders. Many people have even begun to experience the augmented-self phenomenon. This can cause wide gaps between someone’s perception of themselves in reality and their self-image based on filters. The augmented-self phenomenon can lead to people seeking out unrealistic or unhealthy surgeries to achieve the impossible goals social media and filters present to them.

Opt for real results

Everyone struggles with self-confidence or their body image to one degree or another. That’s why it’s important to remember that the “ideal” body presented on social media doesn’t represent normal, average bodies or faces. Exaggerated features that filters present—like tiny noses, huge eyes, and perfect skin—aren’t feasible for anyone in real life.

However, filters aren’t always dangerous. If you put on a filter to try out a fuller brow or lip, minimize wrinkles or fine lines, or see yourself with smoother, more even skin, cosmetic treatments could be a viable way to enhance your natural beauty. When approached with the right mindset, ethical providers can deliver confidence-boosting results that won’t fade when you turn off your phone. Whether through microblading, injectables, skincare, or surgery, we can help you feel like your best, #unfiltered self.

If you are considering a confidence boost this summer, visit our experts! We’ll discuss your goals and assess if you are a good candidate for any treatment. If you would like to learn more, call 614.890.5565 to schedule an appointment today at Columbus Cosmetic.

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