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Our lips work hard both aesthetically and functionally. Unfortunately, they are one of the first indicators of age and also highly influence how people perceive our sensuality. Those of us wanting to look younger or who were born with particularly thin lips are in luck—the options for improving the fullness and shape of the lips are amazing and varied, and Dr. Houser of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of Columbus is experienced in all of them!

I’m not interested in needles; what are my permanent, needle-free options for lip enhancement?

Dr. Houser is one of few plastic surgeons in Columbus providing the PermaLip™ implant by SurgiSil™. The PermaLip comes with many advantages over injectable fillers. One of few permanent, yet reversible, options, the PermaLip is made of soft, solid silicone. This is an ideal material because it feels natural and resists the body’s tendency to grow tissue that essentially attaches itself to most other implants, leading to restricted movement in the implant area. Patients will be able to get the look they want most by choosing from a variety of lengths and diameters, with help from Dr. Houser of course. Then, in an outpatient procedure performed on site in Dr. Houser’s certified surgical facility under twilight anesthesia, two simple incisions will allow the implant to be easily inserted.

Recovery is relatively brief and easy. Most patients report only 24-48 hours of initial discomfort that is helped by most pain medication. In rare cases, bruising will occur briefly. Most commonly there is initial swelling that usually subsides within a week and some sensitivity to pressure that ends within two weeks.

“Dr. Robert Houser was very approachable, funny, and confident, without being pretentious. I very much enjoyed my initial consultation where we discussed all options, the pros and cons. The staff was very nice and the office was stylish. Procedure day went flawlessly. I was very relaxed by the way things went, and I enjoyed the procedure. Dr. Robert Houser is highly skilled and if you want an Ohio doctor to place PermaLips with precision and care, he is the guy. He has done these many, many times. He is personable and has good bedside manner. Go to him for PermaLips, you will love what he can do for you!”

I’m not ready to commit to a permanent change for my lips; what are my other options?

Countless patients have experienced the benefits of injectable fillers designed to enhance many body parts but especially the lips. Dr. Houser is pleased to offer the brands that patients recognize most: Juvederm® Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus and Juvederm Volbella. Designed to add volume for a temporary but relatively long-term period, patients can choose whether or not to receive additional injections to preserve the effects. All of these products contain hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in our skin associated with hydration and an essential element of our connective tissue. They each have varying amounts of this material, which corresponds with the fullness of the effect and the amount of time it lasts. Likewise, each product has varying amounts of lidocaine, which helps offset the pain associated with the injection. The key difference between Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus is the endurance of their effect: Ultra lasts about 6-9 months and Ultra Plus around 9-12 and Juvederm Volbella lasts 12 months. All of these products can be used not only to add volume to the lips, but also to minimize the wrinkling at the edges of the lips—no more lipstick “bleed.”

Finally, for patients who want to avoid the risk of allergic reaction to synthetic fillers, the more natural fat transfer procedure may be best. Small amounts of fat, harvestable from nearly any location on your body with minimal scarring, can then be injected in and near the lips for a fuller, smoother, and younger appearance.

Call Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of Columbus today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Houser and determine the best option for younger looking, more sensual lips.

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