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The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

At Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of Columbus, we always strive to be the best practice possible. From updating our tools and technology, to continuing our education, we take our job very seriously! This is why Dr. Houser is proud to announce his membership in the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). What makes this organization so important? We’ve compiled […]

Kickstart 2020 with January Savings

This January, ring in the new year with special savings on Botox and chemical peels! This month, enjoy Botox for only $10 per unit with our nurse, or score 10% off any chemical peel.  These savings won’t last—call us at 614-890-5565 and hurry to Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of Columbus for the age-defying results you deserve. Rejuvenate this new year! […]

Fact or Fiction? Plastic Surgery Mythbusting

October is a spooky month, bringing stories of scary goblins, ghosts, and…plastic surgery? While TV shows and the news media have often focused on the worst cases and overblown results of certain procedures, plastic surgery isn’t scary when it’s performed by a Board Certified plastic surgeon. We’ve busted some myths so you can find out the truth about plastic surgery! […]

August Viveve® Special

Are you one of the millions of women suffering from vaginal laxity? This August, enjoy $500 off Viveve® and experience complete feminine rejuvenation in a single, non-invasive, non-laser treatment! Whether it’s due to aging, childbirth, or hormonal changes, feminine tissues can weaken throughout a woman’s lifetime, leading to urinary incontinence, pain, and lack of sensation. The Viveve® System targets the underlying causes […]

3 Tips to Eat Your Way to Youthful Skin

Aging is a universal experience, which eventually affects all of our bodies, inside and out. Over time, the skin becomes thinner, drier, and less elastic as a result of the aging process. These changes can lead to fine lines and wrinkles and can often affect our confidence. Luckily, there are many ways to combat and slow this process. One way […]

Rejuvenate with Viveve®

Across all life stages, millions of women suffer from the effects of vaginal laxity—such as urinary incontinence, painful sex, or decreased sensation—caused by physical traumas like childbirth or natural processes like aging. While in the past a number of solutions have been used to correct laxity, they have involved invasive surgeries that often carry high risks and significant recovery time, […]

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