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What You Need to Know Before Your Body Plastic Surgery

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With summer approaching, the pressure to get our best beach body is on! While some body transformations only need hard work and dedication, others require research to effectively balance safety, health, and aesthetics. For patients who are choosing some of the most popular plastic surgeries, like breast implants, tummy tucks, or liposuction, there are a number of important considerations to make in order to optimize plastic surgery results this season. We’ve compiled our top three things you need to know prior to your procedure to ensure a beautiful transformation with fewer complications or risks.

  1. Do Your Research:Plastic surgery horror stories seem to be everywhere in the news, but while these stories are unfortunate, ending up “botched” is preventable. Who you choose to be your surgeon is one of the most important plastic surgery decisions you will make. Always look for a board certified plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, some laws permit unqualified doctors to call themselves plastic surgeons and perform procedures for which they have never received formal training—sometimes resulting in fatal surgeries. If you are uncertain if your potential plastic surgeon is board certified, verify their name on the American Academy of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s website. Dr. Houser is proud to be a board certified plastic surgeon and has gone through rigorous training for that very important title and distinction.
  2. Follow Instructions: While your plastic surgeon will perform your procedure with the utmost care, patients are still responsible for proper pre-and post-surgical living. In addition to following post-op directions exactly as instructed (i.e. how many days to take off work, what sunscreen routines to follow, how much rest you need), you must also follow pre-op instructions like quitting smoking at least two weeks prior to your surgery. Smoking and vaping can impact wound-healing, so honest communication with your plastic surgeon is essential for both your health and aesthetic goals. By partnering with your surgeon and following their instructions, you can minimize your risk of complications and ensure the best possible results from your surgery.
  3. Understand Your Procedure: Many patients are excited to undergo their plastic surgery procedure, but not every patient sets their expectations reasonably. While tummy tucks, breast implants, or liposuction can create a beautiful new figure, these are not weight loss surgeries. Any weight gain or change in your body post-surgery can alter your results. Because pregnancy can dramatically alter the appearance of your body, talk to your surgeon if you are planning to have more children. Sometimes it may be better to wait until you are finished having children or losing weight before investing in a surgical body enhancement.
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