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Many people find that after losing a significant amount of weight, they still have excess fat and skin around the thighs or buttocks that won’t go away with exercise. A thigh lift and buttock lift may be the answer. Dr. Houser, Dr. Kraft, and the staff at Columbus Cosmetic are skilled and experienced in both these procedures and can often perform them while patients are receiving other treatments.

A thigh lift is directed either at the outer part or the inner part of the thigh, and the scar may be confined to the upper thigh that would be covered by a bathing suit, or it may require skin excision from the groin down to the inner knee. In either case, because of Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft’s advanced techniques, the scarring should be minimal and well hidden. The results will be a smoother contour for your thighs.

A buttock lift involves an incision across the low back and can follow a previous abdominoplasty if one was performed. The procedure can correct low, flat or unevenly shaped buttocks, delivering the body you deserve.

Like most procedures, your thigh and buttock lift can be performed onsite in the same convenient location of all your prior appointments. Columbus Cosmetic is proud to be an accredited surgical facility through the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, which can only be accomplished by providing the highest level of patient care, safety, cleanliness, and emergency response procedures. Every individual’s recovery time is unique, but most patients recover from these procedures in about two to three weeks. If you believe you’d benefit from a thigh lift or buttock lift, call Columbus Cosmetic to schedule a consultation, and our staff will discuss your needs and help you determine your best option.

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