Breast Reduction

breast reduction Columbus OhioFor most, breast reduction surgery is aimed at reducing the volume of the breast to alleviate such ailments as neck and back pain, shoulder pain and rashes beneath the breasts. For others, it is a way to better fit into their clothes and improve self confidence. Either way, reduction patients are some of the most satisfied patients in plastic surgery. As with the breast lift, a breast reduction may use either a lolly-pop incision or, more commonly, an anchor incision. Occasionally, breast reduction may be combined with liposuction on the side of the chest. Recovery is about 2 weeks.

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Breast Reduction FAQs
The best candidates for breast reduction are women who are in good overall health, are at a normal, stable weight and whose breast development is complete. Much of the pain associated with large breasts is actually caused by the bra that is trying to hold the breast up on the chest.  It is the bra strap that creates the grooving on the shoulders the pull on the neck.  Sometimes, even breathing can be improved due to the weight that is removed from the chest while sleeping at night.  If you are a smoker, it is important to quit smoking completely for several weeks before and after your surgery. Smoking after your surgery can interfere with healing and compromise your results and your health.
Because there are many changes that come with pregnancy, some women prefer to postpone breast reduction surgery until they have finished having children. As the breasts enlarge during pregnancy and breastfeeding and then reduce in size, some of the results of breast reduction surgery may be compromised. However, many women do have breast reductions before having children and are happy with their decision.breast reductionafter breast reduction
Reduction mammoplasty, also called breast reduction, may sometimes interfere with a woman?s ability to breastfeed. This is because significant amounts of breast tissue are removed which may interfere with the nerves that stimulate hormones and the release of milk during breastfeeding. This often depends on how extensive the surgery is. Dr. Houser would be happy to discuss any concerns you may have during your private consultation.
Breast reduction surgery is a common procedure for Dr. Houser. He is experienced and skilled in the latest breast reduction techniques. Dr. Houser is also active in resident education in Columbus, both at Ohio State in the plastic surgery program as well as in the general surgery program at Mount Carmel Medical Center in Columbus.
Sometimes health insurance providers do cover breast reduction surgery, but not always. It often depends on the amount of breast tissue being removed, the history and severity of symptoms that the patient is experiencing, and your individual health care plan.  Some providers will only cover breast reduction if it is being performed in the treatment of breast cancer.