Breast Lift

Breast lifts (mastopexy) come in many different types, but all are aimed at reshaping the breast as well as repositioning the nipple. The results of age, weight loss, or breast feeding may cause a breast to droop with the nipple on the lower portion of the breast. It is also very common for a woman’s breast to develop this way without any confounding factors. Breast lift surgery is sometimes combined with the placement of a breast implant to add more volume.

A lift may involve a scar isolated around the areola, around the areola and down to the bottom of the breast (lolly-pop pattern), or a full lift with an anchor type incision. The choice is based on the degree of lift needed. Although each patient is different, recovery is generally about 1 to 2 weeks.

breast augmentation

After having children my breast seem “deflated.” How do I know if I need breast augmentation with implants or if I need a breast lift or both?

Generally, women seeking mastopexy, are looking to improve the shape and position of their breasts. A breast lift can improve the shape of breasts that:

  • have a flatter, elongated shape
  • when unsupported, the nipple falls below the breast crease
  • have stretched skin and enlarged areola
  • the nipples and areola point downward

Although many women who choose to have breast lifts are happy with the size of their breasts, some women choose to combine a breast lift surgery with breast augmentation (breast implants). If you are unsure if you would like a breast lift alone or a breast lift combined with breast implants, Dr. Houser would be happy to discuss this with you at your consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Lift Surgery
A breast lift does not typically affect breast function. However, because there are many physical changes that accompany pregnancy , you should discuss future pregnancy plans with Dr. Houser during your consultation.
Significant fluctuation in weight can affect the long-term results of your breast lift. For this reason, the best candidate for a breast lift is a woman of relatively stable weight.
Most breast lift surgeries performed by Dr. Houser utilize twilight sedation in his private fully-accredited surgical suite. This form of anesthesia allows for a very quick recovery and has been shown to result in less postoperative nausea and vomiting when compared to general anesthesia. There is often much less pain in the recovery period as well. If a patient requires general anesthesia for other reasons, then that can certainly be arranged.
Our patients’ safety is our number one concern. Combining two surgical procedures is usually acceptable but it depends on the individual patient and the length and difficulty of the planned operations. Dr. Houser will be happy to discuss this with you. Many women like to combine plastic surgical procedures in order to take less time off from work or to reduce the amount of time that they will need assistance with childcare.
Although some procedures have relatively routine fees, each person’s individual situation needs to be considered after a thorough examination and review of goals and expectations. Quotes are given either on the day of the consultation or will be mailed in a timely manner. Fees for cosmetic surgery are expected to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to surgery. Patient financing through approved programs are available if needed.It is important to consider factors other than cost when searching for a doctor to perform your breast lift. Surgical techniques and experience vary greatly from doctor to doctor. When searching for a doctor to perform your breast lift, you should look for a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (not all surgeons performing breast lifts are) and to find a surgeon who will spend time with you to find out your goals for your surgery. It is important to find a surgeon that you feel comfortable with and with whom you able to communicate well. Dr. Houser spends a great amount of time consulting with each patient. He understands that plastic surgery is a big decision, not to be entered into lightly, and he works hard to ensure that you will be happy with your results.